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OPI Malibu Collection, inspired by Singer, Songwriter Selena Sloan

Posted by on 19th Jul 2021

OPI Malibu Collection, inspired by Singer, Songwriter Selena Sloan
Malibu is not only a coastal paradise of colour, but a coastal paradise full of rhythmic vibrations. From waves crashing on the sand to fireside guitar strums, when we set out to create our Malibu Collection, we not only drew inspiration from the colours of this vibrant enclave, but the colourful souls who find inspiration in its magic. What transpired was a palette capturing a mix of dreamy saturated hues and the sweet, sweet sounds of Selena Sloan, a singer and songwriter who inspires us with how colour moves through her hands to make music.

With a love for acoustic and all things chill vibes, Selena has been writing since she first picked up a guitar 12 years ago. What drew us to her was not just how she plays, but how she sees colour as an instrument for inspiration.

“Colour can help set up a mood, like using hue lights. I like dim purple lights when I want to be creative and write. [Plus] LA has some of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see–it’s blue to bright orange, purple and pink.” Those sunsets Selena loves were injected right into our palette– Strawberry Waves Forever, PCH Love Song, Mali-blue Shore, and The Sound of Vibrance–with shades that allow us to recreate that vibrant horizon anytime we wear it.

When asked what else inspires her to sing, she shared “it’s a good way to release emotions or tell stories,” just like how wearing our shades can take you anywhere or transform your mood– Cliffside Karaoke will have you singing your praises for Malibu’s sweeping views, and PCH Love Song will make you want to sing your heart out up and down the coast.

Malibu is more than a beach to any Angeleno, Selena included. “People love to go to Malibu to escape the business of the city. Watching the ocean on the coast is a very unique experience–it usually makes me feel very grateful.” We couldn’t agree more. It’s pure magic.

And if there’s one shade that sums up Selena from this collection, it’s Endless Sun-ner. She’s big on neutrals and nude hues, so this sunkissed bronze makes that singing-at-the-beach-until-sunset feeling last year-round.