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Fall in LOVE. (with Fall)

Posted by Glam Squad on 24th Aug 2021

Fall in LOVE. (with Fall)

Fall is right around the corner. The days are slowly becoming shorter, and those hot sunny summer days will soon be a distant memory, but don’t fret darlings! There are still wonderful things to look for in the cooler months.

With cooler tones, warmer fabrics and darker days, our skin and hair and nails will need some TLC to avoid the dreaded “Autumn Parched/dry” look. So how can a glam girl be sure to look her best no matter what during this time? Read about some great products below that will be sure to help you look like the Beauty dotcom Glamazon and fall in Love with fall.

Coat it!

Colour Wow Dream Coat

If there was ever a supernatural strength, have to see it to believe it product, then Colour Wow Dream Coat is that product. Fall is coming and that means more rain, more dark and shorter days. However, It does not have to mean dull, frizzy hair. Colour Wow Dream Coat is a Fall must!

Colour Wow Dream Coat covers each strand of your hair in an invisible waterproofing cloak that prevents it from getting frizzy. And anyone who has ever been caught out in an Autumn rain without an umbrella knows that this rained on, frizz ball look is not it. Not only does Colour Wow Dream Coat last for 3-4 washes, it does not build up on your hair. So if you are looking for something to help your sleek hair look last, then Colour Wow Dream Coat is the must have product for your Fall look.

Another great thing about this, is that there is even a Colour Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair specifically for us curly haired girls. Colour Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair is the “curl whisperer” for curly hair. This light as water spray air dries to deliver the silky, glossy, crunch free curls of your dreams. So not only can you have beautiful, shiny bouncy, soft curls this fall, you can also use Colour Wow Dream Coat for days that you want that sleek, shiny look. Then use Colour Wow Dream Coat for Curly Hair for your dream curls.

Color Wow

Go big or go home

Speaking of Colour Wow (can you tell I’m a fan?)

The new Colour Wow Extra Large Bombshell Volumizer is the latest and greatest product from one of the Beauty dotcom Glamazon’s Faves List! What is so great about Colour Wow Extra Large Bombshell Volumizer you ask?

This light weight spray thickens even the thinnest locks to give you that volumizing, thickening, luscious, Lady Godiva look that BDC Glamazons rock with ease. Your hair is soft and manageable, has texture and the results last for days. Colour Wow Extra Large Bombshell Volumizer is definitely a beauty product that all Beauty dotcom Glamazons need in their beauty arsenal.

After a few BDC Glamazons tried Colour Wow Extra Large Bombshell Volumizer and had the Bridgette Bardot hair to prove it, we decided to add it to our Beauty dotcom Glamazon Faves List. The BDC Glamazons came to the office and the looks they were giving cemented that add to the BDC Glamazons’ Fave’s list. Colour Wow Extra Large Bombshell Volumizer goes down in history as the 100% Beauty dotcom Galmazon Fall fave for 2021.

Color wow Xtra large

Beauty dotcom Glamazon’s Fave List 2021:

Nailed it

If you are like some of the meticulous Glamazons here at Beauty dotcom, then you will be focusing on painting those bright summer nail hues to more fall friendly colours. Thanks to OPI Downton LA Collection, then all you Beauty dotcom Glamazons can get your colour fix and have amazing looking nails this fall easily.

The OPI Downtown LA Collection is inspired by Downtown LA’s sprawling art scene, rich autumnal hues, metallic pastels that is sure to spark your creative side. Metallic pastels, rich fall reds, and espresso hues are signatures of the OPI Downtown LA Collection.

OPI LA fall collection

OPI Art Walk in Suzi's Shoes is the classic fall red for when you need a classic red that goes with everything. A good red nai polish is the staple of any wardrobe, just like any little black dress. You cannot have a full wardrobe without it! Be the lady in red this fall with OPI Downtown LA Collection Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes.

A favourite fall 2021 nail trend is the espresso coloured nail. This colour is not only trendy, but it screams fashionista. OPI Espresso Your Inner Self is a great fall brown colour as brown, camel, and espresso coloured nails can be worn with every colour without becoming a focal point, this colour has been a favourite colour for models to wear on their nails for collections that seek to draw and keep eyes on the eye catching threads on the runway. You can rely on an espresso nail to be neutral and non offending and a great alternative for those BDC Glamazons who want to wear a fall nail other than red. The Opi Downtown LA Collection is definitely giving fall 2021 that rich brown colour that all BDC Glamazons need.